3/4 Employees are Happier Working From Home

According to new research by tech giant, Huawei, a huge 75% of employees in the UK are happier working from home than in the office.

The survey of 2000 employees, who are usually based in offices, also found that 53% found having some flexibility over where they work and being able to schedule their own working day is positively impacting their mental health. With workplace mental health hitting the headlines more than ever, this could be a key factor in the swing towards home working.

A whopping 88% of employees would prefer to continue working from home in some capacity, with 60% wanting to work remotely at least three days per week and 17% hoping to never return to office based working. Furthermore, 47% liked not having a dress code, 42% enjoyed from having more time for housework and childcare, while 39% reported being less distracted by colleagues. Crucially, four out of five respondents claimed that workplace tech has enabled them to work from home efficiently.

While working remotely, just under a third have been based at the same location every day, with many making the most of the warmer weather to work from their garden or balcony. 37% believe that being close to family and friends is important if working remotely, while 43% would consider relocating to the countryside if they could continue to work remotely.

So will remote working become the new normal? With many employees continuing to work full time from home throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, will employer attitudes towards remote work change? It’s definitely possible that employers who refuse to progress to a more modern set up could start losing employees to those who offer flexibility.