The wonder of Wellbeing Days

For a long time, the feeling of being overwhelmed and or stressed has become commonplace for many individuals in the workplace. However, more and more people are becoming aware of the effects that work-related stress has on a company and its employees. A study published by the Health and Safety Executive in 2018 found that more than half of all working days were lost to work related anxiety or depression.

Company wellbeing days are a great way to combat this and set a good balance between work and rest, in turn supporting a company’s success. Overworked employees are a detriment to a company as they’re more likely to submit work that is rushed or mediocre. Designated days of for employee’s to focus on their wellbeing are becoming more and more common and go hand in hand with company wellbeing days. Hosting wellbeing events in the office provide many benefits for both the employee and employer.

Firstly, a wellbeing event can promote a health and wellbeing culture at work, this in turn boosts engagement, builds company loyalty and finally boosts morale and productivity. There are many forms a wellbeing day can take on, we will explore a few and the benefits they provide.

Mindfulness workshops

Mindfulness in its simplest form means awareness. Mindfulness applies focus to the present, reducing stress and anxiety as well as increasing emotional intelligence. The neurological benefits of mindfulness link to empathy and self-regulation, which contributes to our ability to manage conflict and communicate more effectively. Introducing mindfulness in the workplace can help reduce stress and build up communication levels between employees.

Nutrition workshops

Eating well whilst in the workplace can have a significant impact on overall health and wellbeing. Foods that are nutritious can improve concentration and cognitive function. Providing employees with the tools to improve their nutrition could boost their performance.

Health Screening Service

A health screening is often delivered on a one to one basis by a lifestyle coach and is often provided by an outside company who specialises in them. The appointments generally measure height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, blood glucose, lung health and hip to waist ratio. The results are immediate and guidance is given. Health screenings are a great way to provide insight into potential health problems. The instant results give employers the tools to make lifestyle changes leading to less absenteeism and greater productivity.

Dance Class

Exercise doesn’t have to be associated with sweat and pain to benefit from its results. Employees can beat any stress by taking part in a dance class as a bit of fun and with everyone in it together, it can also be a team bonding exercise.

There are many ways your company can curate an employee wellbeing day or event and these are just some ideas to build upon. There are plenty of other ideas out there such as; yoga, Pilates, massages, games, art classes, and so on, all activities that are proven to be stress-busting and to increase creativity and productivity. Contact MyBenefitsZone to work with our partners to create your own company wellbeing day.