Back on the road: the daily commute.

Many things have changed since the majority of the UK began working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Lots of us downloaded Zoom for staff and client meetings, we adjusted to the virtual world and the world and work became a different place.

With many of us working from home, the same can be said for the daily commute. Train carriages are no longer jam packed early in the morning, and the roads are far quieter due to fewer drivers on their way to work.

For many of us, the lack of the daily commute has been one of the more enjoyable perks of lockdown. A study by Devitt Insurance, found that a third of British commuters typically felt stressed on their daily commute prior to lockdown.

2500 UK commuters were surveyed, finding that those in their 30s were the most stressed with a massive 40% revealing they felt stressed every day on their commute. Women were found to be more stressed than their male counterparts, with a quarter admitting they felt stressed within the first ten minutes of their commute compared to 11% of men.

The study found that those based in the south east felt the brunt of their commute more. Likely due to the connections to London and the travel that entails for workers. Evidenced by 37% of commuters in that part of the UK feeling very stressed on their commute. Whereas, workers based in Wales were the least stressed with 29% citing concerns regarding the morning commute.

Now that lockdown restrictions are easing and businesses begin to reopen their doors and workspaces, employees are concerned about returning, particularly those who use public transport. 75% of respondents who would typically use public transport previously for their commute said they would seek to find their own mode of transport now.

Issues highlighted by the pandemic around mental health and wellbeing as a result of working from home with little interaction with co-workers will welcome the news that now back to work many are feeling positive towards the commute. Undoubtedly the stresses of life are effecting workers however seeing that enjoyment levels had actually risen for workers heading back to workplaces shows that the country is adjusting to the new normal and that there are positives to getting back to the commute.