How does Clan Culture relate to employee benefits?

Company culture refers to the attitudes and behaviours of a company and its relation to its employees. It is evident in the way an organisation’s team members interact with each other, the values they hold and the reasoning behind decisions they make.

One type of company culture that has grown in popularity over recent years is Clan Culture. This type of culture is common in small or family-owned businesses that are not typically hierarchical in nature. Equal participation is encouraged, and employees are valued regardless of their career level and environments host a supportive nature.

It’s easy for companies to talk about clan culture, but how can they practice it? Or more specifically, how can workplaces show that they are employee focused and invested in their team members? By providing employee benefits, there are a number of ways we can show staff that we care.

Clan culture and health focused employee benefits

Companies that practice clan cultures prioritise their employees along with a large focus on collaboration and teamwork. If employees and loyalty are both top priorities, providing health focused employee benefits can be incredibly effective. This is a simple yet effective way of investing in not only your employees’ careers but also helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Health based benefits include health cash plans which allow your staff to claim back costs for everyday medical expenses. The health cash plan can stretch even further as your team can add their spouse or partner. Life assurance is another popular employee benefit which can help your staff and their families when they need it the most. And not to mention, your team can also have access to counselling services and 24/7 support lines.

Clan culture and financial employee benefits

Another way to support your staff is by providing financial employee benefits. Financial benefits can be useful for every member of the team, especially during the cost of living crisis. With MyBenefitsZone, your staff can receive financial advice including planning for life events, investments and even will writing along with access to tax refund services.

Clan culture and the needs of your employees  

Clan culture has a strong focus on employees in the workplace. If you are looking to provide employee benefits, your staff and their needs should be placed at the heart of your decision.

All employees are unique in their own wonderful way. And whilst this can be the recipe for a well-oiled workplace, it can be hard to meet the needs of all your employees. However, with MyBenefitsZone, you can choose from a range of employee benefits tailored to suit the needs of your team. No matter who your team consists of, you can be sure to find a range of benefits to support them.

Creating your employee benefits package

As you will now know, there are numerous ways you can incorporate company culture into your employee benefits. And what’s even better is that whilst doing so, you can improve the lives of your employees, leading to happy and loyal staff driving your business forward.

If you would like to find out more about our bespoke employee benefits packages, contact us today and a member of the team will be delighted to help.