Data and People Management

Designed to make HR tasks simple and straightforward. The Employer Dashboard is the HR Hub, where all approvals, checks, employee data and amendments are managed.

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The Employer Dashboard

The Employer Dashboard provides everything your Human Resources team need to manage employee data, from holiday requests to expenses claims.

Here, you can input a new employee’s initial data to trigger the pre-employment online data capture. This instantly builds a HR profile; capturing all relevant data, documents, pay and benefit structure.

Change Reporting

A full suite of tools to ease the burden of managing HR spreadsheets, providing accurate, up to date information; anytime, anywhere.

  • Personal data changes made by employees
  • Employee benefit choices and additions
  • Workplace savings contribution changes
  • Holiday tracking
  • Expense claims
  • Absence reporting


Built in analytics allow you to target and track everything from performance to benefit engagement. This can be customised to suit your business and your employees.


Holiday requests, expense claims, voluntary benefits and other approvals. Our fully customisable system is built to fit your protocols. You’ll find everything in one place for all personal or approval points in the Employer Dashboard, built around your business.

Data Security

We take security very seriously, with built in firewalls, anti-virus, SSL Certificates, No Anon Access and a login system. Our cloud based services are hosted by Digital Ocean using UK based servers with regular Security Patching. We regularly apply all updates for development-ware via Drupal and SSl Certification for security and reliability. We continually monitor for potential breaches at database level which includes penetration testing for any security vulnerability.

Workplace Pensions

Helping Employees Build Wealth for the Long Term

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Workplace ISAs

Saving and investments direct from salary.

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