Flexible and Voluntary Benefits

A flexible approach to an employer’s benefit provision often proves to be hugely successful and helps to build employee appreciation. An employer offering flexibility to their package of benefits would provide an annual spend limit for an employee (normally a percentage of their salary) to decide what they spend it on.


Core Benefits

The value of a good core benefits package is often overlooked, taken for granted and misunderstood. Core benefits are the building blocks to a successful employee benefits package and the foundation to build an engaging range of valuable and appreciated options. Many employers are unaware that additional options may exist which can be explored alongside their current core benefits.

We aim to bring existing benefits to life, exploring all the options your core providers already offer and suggesting new additions to compliment them. With MyBenefitsZone, employees have access to their benefits at their fingertips; anytime, anywhere.

Flexible and Voluntary Benefits

Usually available as an additional option within most core benefits, voluntary or flexible options are often overlooked. Many employers are not even aware of the possibilities already available to them.

Change Reporting

Enhance your data reporting capability with full reporting functionality, from member profile change reports to benefit membership reports. You’ll have digital access to a centralised source of data reporting through our Employer Dashboard.

Benefits Management

Benefits management is straight forward with MyBenefitsZone. As a regulated business, we manage the employee benefit structures for many businesses, helping deliver tailored solutions to suit your employee demographic and corporate objectives.

Online Payslips

& Real Time Total Reward Statements

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Expense Management

All you need to approve, manage and report expense claims.

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Four star rating

MyBenefitsZone has both raised the profile of our employee benefits and makes life so much easier for employees as well as our HR team. Its so easy to use and has improved employee engagement in a big way over the last 4 years. I would highly recommend MyBenefitsZone to anyone.

Bridget Brooks, Kimal Plc