Employee Onboarding

Remove the onboarding burden with everything available from day one. Digitally onboard your new employees from outset, creating one true source of data that integrates with other systems. Define processes and streamline inductions with instant profile creation, with secure access for data collection.

Employees can pre-load data and create their own HR profile where their benefit structure is mapped out and relevant documents are stored. This frees up time for human resources administrators to focus on the more human aspects of colleague induction.

Improve Staff Retention

Recruiting and retaining good people is time consuming and expensive, with one in six recruits resigning during their probation period. Creating a great first impression is as important for your business as it is for your new recruit. With digital onboarding and a full HR profile at your employees’ fingertips, they will instantly feel welcome and part of a valued team.

Remove the Day One Dread

The first day in any new job can be daunting and overwhelming. Our digital onboarding provides new employees with all the information they require immediately and removes the need to ask those awkward questions. You can customise the information available, including:

  • Staff structure
  • Document storage
  • Total Reward Statements
  • Induction
  • Learning and development tools
  • Employee benefit profile

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