Manage your expense claims anytime, anywhere.

Simplify your expense claims by eliminating the use of spreadsheets and paper-based submissions. Reduce time spent calculating mileage and totalling expense claims with our mobile friendly digital expense submissions, bespoke management approval protocols and data reporting.

Built in algorithms will ensure that your expense claim limits and mileage excesses aren’t exceeded to reduce errors and over claiming.

Save Employees’ Time

MyBenefitsZone speeds up the travel expense process, from logging to approving. Employees can easily log mileage with our auto mileage calculators and upload photos to store receipts for simple and quick expense claim submissions, including:

  • Mileage
  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Meals
  • Entertainment

Approvals Made Easy

Whether you have one or multiple sign-off points, our approval process is simple, paperless and quick. Managed via our Employer Dashboard, claims approval couldn’t be easier. Once approved, all legacy claims are stored and accessible for audit purposes at a future point – you’ll never rely on paper again!

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