Online Payslips

Payslips, P60 forms and pay related documents available anywhere, anytime. Our software is automated for simplicity and available at your employees’ fingertips.

Our integration with payroll software and systems reduces human intervention and in turn saves time. Securely store historic payslips to avoid the hassle of hand delivering and the risk of losing and replacing papers.

Instantly available in the digital format of your choice, there’s no simpler and more accessible way to house your pay related documents.

Realtime Total Reward

Total Reward Statements (TRS) provide a snapshot of the real value of an employee. Translate this value and show your employees how much their remuneration package is really worth with our total reward statements that are always available, mobile friendly and updated in real time to include:

  • Base pay
  • Bonus and overtime pay
  • Individual cost of employee benefits and pensions
  • Car allowance
  • Company car

Payroll Software Intergration

Integration is key when we rely on other software or platforms as part of the HR function. Payroll is a one of those key functions and we endeavour to integrate with existing solutions for seamless transfer of data.

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