Workplace ISA Solutions

While pensions are now commonplace, other workplace savings options are often ignored. This can result in a lack of commitment to save, poor decision making due to the complexity of options, or the need to access greater levels of financial advice. We recognise that the savings gap needs to be addressed in workplaces. MyBenefitsZone allows employers to offer a tax efficient Workplace ISA solution to employees via our digital solution, helping them make the important first step of committing to regular savings via payroll deduction.

Tailored Investment Solutions

To help employees make the right investment selection, we work with our partners at Ernest Grant to offer a tailored range of investment fund solutions. These have been selected over three different risk categories and invest in a broad range of asset classes, seeking to enhance the benefits of diversification.

Access During Working Life and Beyond

Our tailored Workplace ISA solution allows employees to address all their investment needs in one place – during their working life and beyond. So, if they leave your employment, they still have access to their ISA account and can continue saving via their own bank account.

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