Employee Engagement

Central to our core values, everything we do is built on maximising employee engagement. Technology is a wonderful business partner but sometimes the human touch just makes engagement that little bit more special.

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Benefit Fairs and Roadshows

Benefit fairs and roadshows are a great way to showcase our technology alongside benefits and pensions provisions. In turn, they raise the profile of the rewards offered to your employees. We can help structure and plan days of all types to suit any employer’s goals.

Wellbeing Days

Help promote a sense of wellbeing within your business. Whether that’s wellbeing days provided by current healthcare providers or bespoke days built with our partners. We can help package these days to suit your objectives as a business and tailor them for your employees.

Pension Advice Clinics

One of the most valuable benefits an employer can provide for the long term but often the most overlooked. Our qualified advisers have decades of experience in delivering pensions advice in the workplace at all levels. Whether you’re considering offering one-to-one advice sessions or presentations for your entire workforce, we can help provide the solution at no additional cost.

Marketing Support

Our marketing team work closely with all our clients to provide regular, targeted and relevant material to promote benefits, rewards and services within your business. Proven to increase engagement, high quality promotional material is invaluable.

Employee Onboarding

Digitally onboard a new employee from outset

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Performance Review

Digital performance monitoring and development tracking.

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