Employee Engagement

Central to our core values, everything we do is built on maximising employee engagement. Technology is a wonderful business tool but sometimes the human touch just makes engagement that little bit more special.

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It’s All About Communication!

We work closely with our customers to help create a programme of bespoke communications and events across the year, to promote and drive benefits, announce options and initiatives, with a view to maximising employee ‘buy in’ and engagement. This all leads to a higher level of employee satisfaction and wellbeing. Not to mention it’s good for your recruitment and retention numbers.

  • Bespoke email promotions and material.
  • Message centre & survey builder.
  • On site benefit and perks days.
  • Financial education clinics.
  • Focused presentations and webinars.

Bespoke Email Promotions and Material.

Our marketing team work closely with all our clients to provide regular, targeted and relevant material to promote benefits, rewards and services within your business. Proven to increase engagement, high quality promotional material is invaluable.

Help promote a sense of wellbeing within your business.

Survey Builder and Message Centre

Listen to your employees views, get results to drive action, with our built in survey builder. Pulse or more detailed surveys are easy to complete, administer and analyse. Surveys that are flexible, quick and effective enough to meet the unique needs of your organisation can be a valuable tool to measure progress toward your engagement goals, culture and wellbeing promotion.

Our message centre allows you to easily reach out to your employees. Whether that be an individual employee, a particular department, a specific team, or the entire workforce. As the message centre is separate from normal work emails, employees react and respond quicker making the whole process of communicating with your employees more efficient and effective.

Onsite Benefits and Perks Days.

Well planned promotional/perks days or benefit fairs can bring a increased level of inclusion and wellbeing to your people. Create a buzz amongst your employees by bringing together benefits and service providers alongside a range of wellbeing practitioners to ‘show off’ the range of benefits and services your employees have access to, resulting in greater engagement and improved take up rates.

We co-ordinate promotional days, often with a theme to add real excitement by getting all employees involved and feeling appreciated. It also allows the opportunity to enhance the message around company culture and values.

Financial Education Clinics.

Providing bespoke financial education can be invaluable to the long term financial health and wellbeing of employees. Help reduce stress and concerns about money or help improve your employee relationship with money and start to plan for a financially strong future.

We can work with customers existing advisers or introduce strong financial education partners that offer a wide range of options including one-to-one advice sessions for pensions membership or general financial education.

Focused Presentations and Webinars.

Being able to connect with employees through focussed face-to-face presentations or webinars is a great way to maximise engagement, create an opportunity for interactive discussions and Q&A sessions.

Typically these types of presentations can be used to promote a flex launch or new benefit, introduce a benefits provider as well as promoting wellbeing programmes and companywide initiatives. It is also a perfect opportunity to get instant feedback from your employees.

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Four star rating

MyBenefitsZone has both raised the profile of our employee benefits and makes life so much easier for employees as well as our HR team. It's so easy to use and has improved employee engagement in a big way over the last 4 years. I would highly recommend MyBenefitsZone to anyone.

Bridget Brooks, Kimal Plc