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‘People go to work for money but go the extra mile for praise and rewards’.

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Reward and Recognition Solutions

Reward and recognition solutions help support your company’s culture and promote stronger company values. Allow your Team Leaders, or peers, to demonstrate their appreciation through our reward and recognition programmes. Whether sending an open ‘thank-you’ or simply giving kudos for a job well done, our technology solutions provide you with the desired platform.

Creating the right employee reward and recognition programme will undoubtedly create meaningful and memorable moments for your employees. In turn this strengthens an employee’s commitment to your organisation, increases positive engagement and drives productivity.

Points Based Rewards

Our points-based reward programme is a great way to inject some fun and friendly competition into the workforce. MyBenefitsZone helps promote the visual aspect of the rewards programme, using interactive, gamification led, leader boards, ultimately helping to further drive employee engagement. Points accrued can be redeemed by qualifying employees and spent on anything from meals out, holidays and shopping vouchers, to electronics, beauty and gaming.

This will undoubtedly promote companywide engagement, driving the interaction between employees and is a great tool to help increase productivity.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Nothing brings a smile to an employee’s face quite like when they are recognised for their hard work and commitment. MyBenefitsZone gives your employees’ a platform to share appreciation of their colleagues, whether privately or with shout-outs and messages to a wider team or across the entire organisation.

Allowing employees to share recognition isn’t a ‘nice-to-have,’ it’s a must have to enhance morale, improve your overall employee value proposition and retain your top performers.

A truly successful peer to peer recognition programme should be built to reflect your distinct company brand, the company culture and its values.

‘On the Spot’ Rewards

Something as simple as saying ‘Thank you’ to your most valued employees for doing great work or inspiring others with spot rewards is a great way to enhance the culture of your organisation.

With our ‘on-the-spot’ recognition tool provides the ability to provide instant rewards form a large range of top retailers. members with instant awards. Delight your employees with digital gift cards from their favourite brands. Send rewards in real-time, individually or in bulk.

It’s simple, truly effective and instantaneous with recipients being able to redeem their award on the spot with instant delivery allowing them to shop and spend straight away.


Approximately 60% of job seekers say perks are a major incentive when looking for a job and 80% prefer additional benefits over a pay increase. (1) Ensuring you offer the right mixture of employee benefits and perks is imperative to attracting and retaining the right talent in today’s competitive market place.

Providing great discounts from a variety of well know retailers, cycle to work schemes and other discount features, such as gym discounts will further maximise employee engagement and if implemented and communicated well, can help save employees hundreds of pounds a month.
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Rewards for your Reward and Recognition Strategy

When designed and delivered well, a powerful recognition & rewards programme can be incredibly beneficial.

  • Greater staff engagement and motivation
  • Support a more collaborative company culture
  • Enhance company values
  • Create stronger, more unified teams and departments
  • Increased productivity and morale
  • Improved organisational health and mental wellbeing

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MyBenefitsZone have built a truly bespoke benefits platform directly in line with our brand. They are great to work with and provide a seamless approach to benefits management and voluntary benefit delivery.

Andrew Hodson, Caffè Nero