Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service (ESS) is key to operating self managed single source data. Our platforms provide unparalleled user experience.

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Bridging the HR Data Gap

Our intuitive, market leading, HRIS platform allows your employees to take control of their own data and gives them the tools they need to make HR based decisions, become more self-sufficient and drive business efficiencies.

Employee costs make up a significant chunk of a company’s overheads – we believe this is an investment! Forward thinking businesses invest in technology to support these valuable assets and the data used in the business on a daily basis.

Create a winning formula, improve your employees productivity and efficiency and provide technology which improves their working life. Empowering your assets with an effective employee self-service platform will enable your HR team to reduce administrative burdens, cut recruitment and onboarding costs, helping develop and retain top talent.

Create a Stronger and More Engaged Employee Experience

  • Allow employees to view, update and maintain their own records
  • Build performance goals and ratings with digital performance reviews
  • Request/cancel holidays and manage absence
  • Manage expenses, directly fed to payroll
  • Empower staff to manage their own progression with the support of training and development plans
  • Ability to view total reward statements and flexible benefits options
  • View and manage rewards
  • And much more

Empower Your Employees

Enabling ESS and providing the ability for employees to manage key tasks and be in charge of their own data will boost engagement and drive new levels of job satisfaction. Improve visibility, convenience, and control for employees and watch your retention levels grow.

Realtime total reward statements, digital payslips and live data reporting allow your employees to be immersed into their pay and reward structure. This not only provides the ultimate in user experience (UX) but will improve financial awareness leading to better financial decisions and overall improve financial wellbeing.

Reduce Administration

Still conducting manual tasks on behalf of your employees? Let us help you improve your processing, drive efficiencies and create time to focus on people management & engagement. Significantly improve the reliability and quality of your data and maximise reporting capabilities, driving opportunity and growth.

Employee Engagement

Surveys, personalised communications and more

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Flexible Benefits

Including TRS and full employee benefit management

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Four star rating

MyBenefitsZone has both raised the profile of our employee benefits and makes life so much easier for employees as well as our HR team. It's so easy to use and has improved employee engagement in a big way over the last 4 years. I would highly recommend MyBenefitsZone to anyone.

Bridget Brooks, Kimal Plc