Health and Wellbeing

Looking after employees’ health and wellbeing enables employers to reward and motivate their staff, while taking steps to meet their duty of care.

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Wellbeing Initiatives

Health and Wellbeing has become a popular concept in the modern workplace, but you can adapt its meaning to suit your business. Having a strategy in place to help improve the lives of your employees can help morale and build motivation.

Employment can have a positive or negative impact on our physical and mental health. Outside influences, be they financial, familial or health related, will also take their toll.

Health and wellbeing initiatives reward and motivate staff, as well as helping to meet your duty of care as an employer. A healthy and well-motivated workforce will significantly improve the productivity and effectiveness of a business.

Financial Wellbeing

Providing digital access to workplace savings tools can help promote an educated financial culture and the opportunity to build wealth, which most employees don’t come across in their day to day lives. We believe more is required so drive education alongside this opportunity to help employees on the road to financial rehabilitation.

Our Wellbeing Partner

We work closely with Via Vita Health to provide a range of workplace wellness needs; from strategy creation to onsite and digital services. They provide unique opportunities and support on many levels; physical, social, personal and developmental. All of Via Vita Health’s services are flexible, high quality and personalised to offer many health benefits and a tangible return on investment.

Wellbeing Material

We have a range of wellbeing resources to support employees. We can provide support with a range of health and wellbeing topics, such as sleep, nutrition, habits, exercise, stress, mental health and mindfulness.

Our material includes information, email templates, newsletters, awareness campaigns, guides, videos, online fitness sessions, webinars, workshops and an ‘ask the expert’ feature.

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