Digital Expense Management with MyExpenseZone

Expense management software that automates expenses, travel allowances and mileage logs from purchase to reimbursed expense claims, with purpose built accounting rules.

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Manage all Aspects of your Expense Process Digitally

Make your company’s expense process more efficient with MyExpenseZone. With our cloud-based expense software and App, all expenses are logged and managed in one place, giving you and your employees the ability to manage expenses on the go. Through MyExpenseZone, you can submit expense reports to multiple systems, both accounting and payroll, streamlining old cumbersome processes.

Leave clunky Excel solutions behind with a digital expense management solution that helps you achieve 33% more accurate accounting. You’ll reduce the chance of mistakes and make lost receipts and expense claims a thing of the past.

What Does Effortless Expense Management Look Like?

Our next-generation expense management solution allows you to manage all types of business and travel expenses. You can record, report and approve expenses using any device, anywhere. Forward or scan your receipts using MyExpenseZone and an expense is created automatically; there’s no longer any need to try to interpret handwritten notes and faded receipts.

Connect all company cards to automatically record transactions that are made, including amount, date and location. Your employee then submits their expense report, and the administrator can easily match the total sum of the card invoice with the employee’s expense report.
Built in algorithms will ensure that your expense claim limits and mileage excesses aren’t exceeded to reduce errors and over claiming.

Expense Management Transformed

We automate and digitize administrative, time-consuming and boring processes and create added value for companies and their employees. Expense management shouldn’t be complicated, challenge old fashioned and inefficient processes with our real AI solution, which allows employers to:

  • Manage all reports on any device, anywhere, shortening the expense management process by 65%.
  • Get notifications on any device. Know when you’ve got reports to review or approve.
  • Review and approve reports and forward for posting and reimbursement.
  • Access an easy to use dashboard, with the option to sort, filter and search

Why Choose Expense Management Automation?

Over 11.2 billion paper till receipts are printed each year by retailers in the UK, generating enough paper to reach the moon and back. With businesses trying to reduce their carbon footprint, digital receipts will become more common. On top of the quick and easy receipt scanner, digital receipts can be sent directly to approvals, through to an automatic pay-out in just 10 seconds, contributing to the total of 8 minutes a month an employee spends managing their business and travel expenses, which is 5x faster than manual processes.

Using manual processes, most employees spend around an hour a month managing their business and travel expenses. With our expense management software, the process becomes seamless, easy and MyExpenseZone ensures everything is correct. Also, there is now no need to train employees, our solution guides new hires through the expense management process.

MyExpenseZone can Integrate with your Accounting Solution

Expense management is simplified through MyExpenseZone as we offer a direct feed for your expenses data to your exisiting accouting package. This helps to remove the requirement for arduous file exporting/importing, saving you time and reducing the risk of data contamination.

Meet the MyExpenseZone App

MyExpenseZone is available on all app stores, which allows you to submit and manage expenses on the go through our intuitive expenses app. Built with the aim to reduce the amount of time you and your employees spend managing expenses. Our mobile expense app is powerful, yet elegant but don’t take our word for it.

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