Holiday Booking

Remove the need for paper forms, spreadsheets, reminder emails and time-consuming processes with our fully functional digital booking system.

Approval requests and pending notifications are all managed at sign-off level via our Employer Dashboard, with full reporting. Employers can easily view which employees are absent on any given day, provide team calendars to avoid holiday clashes and reduce time spent managing holiday allowances. Employees will never lose track of their holiday allowance again as they can view all submitted and approved requests each year.

Absence Management

Gone are the days of wading through spreadsheets and paper files to collate absent days prior to appraisal. MyBenefitsZone allows you to build in absence policies and rules to determine your own protocols and notification points. Employees can now log their own absent days, with full reporting via our Employer Dashboard.

Annual Leave Purchase Scheme

The ability to buy or sell additional annual leave is one of the most sought after employee benefits. Our holiday purchase scheme is built into the holiday and absence management system, meaning employees can easily submit requests and keep track of how many days they have remaining.

As a true salary sacrifice benefit, this can also provide great savings for the employer – allowing considered spending in additional benefit areas to help enhance value even further.

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