England Vs Your Workplace

“Good times never seemed so good” – Sweet Caroline echoed around Wembley stadium in support of the England football team. Heading into the Euro 2020 final, we have certainly come a long way from Wayne Rooney saying ‘Nice to see your own fans booing you’ in the 2010 World Cup and being knocked out by Germany in the round of 16. The tables have now turned, the fans are on board, England beat Germany, and this has given them the momentum that has taken them through to the final of Euro 2020.

So What Has Changed? 

1966 we love you, but it is time to move on from the burden of glorious failure. The new young lions are full of confidence, they’re not afraid and have the belief. The past can’t hurt us, the future can inspire us, this is a new modern England that is humble and has certainly captured the hearts of the nation.

After what’s been a difficult year for everyone, the Three Lions have united people, brought back positivity and has taken people’s minds away from the day-to-day. Although sport is less important than some of the things that have been happening, it has got the power to lift spirits and bring people together when we’ve spent over a year apart.

As players and an animated Gareth Southgate make their way around Wembley to applaud the supporters, there is an unmistakable bond between the supporters and team, we share the same emotion as the fans – we are all in this together.

Throughout the tournament, Gareth Southgate as a manager has stayed calm and composed and followed the words of Alex Ferguson: “don’t play the occasion, play the game”. He’s focused, and trusts his players even when it appears from the outside that they’re not performing. This trust has paid off, with every England player repaying the faith that was placed on them. As a result, the team has become efficient, productive, engaged and all moving in the same direction, together.

It’s a Team Effort!

England have just beaten Ukraine, Southgate celebrates momentarily but quickly makes his way over to Grealish who didn’t make an appearance, but who was instrumental in the win against Germany. Southgate understands the importance of looking after the whole squad and not just the players that have played. Every member of the team needs to be ready when called upon, and need to feel valued especially when the player themselves are likely to be disappointed when they don’t play.

Make Your Team Feel Like England

A team is a team, it’s full of humans that have emotions, different skill sets and most of the time we understand that two or more people are always better than one. From the Euro 2020 journey, we can learn that a team that has the same goal can achieve anything. A team that is rewarded and recognised will be more motivated and perform at their very best when called upon. A team that feels empowered will repay you.

If we can take anything from Euro 2020 it’s that we need to be there for each other, look after each others wellbeing as we all share this responsibility.

Come on England!