How to make employee benefits work for your team

Looking to make employee benefits work for your team?

As an employer, you may be questioning how you can support your team throughout their career. With the cost-of-living crisis persisting and interest rates rising again, your team members may have different needs than they did previously.

And whilst pay rises are a simple solution, this may not always be possible, and we understand that.

But employee benefits may be a suitable solution.

In this blog, we will cover how you can make employee benefits work for your team.

  1. Choose a range of benefits that complement your team

Choosing the right selection of employee benefits is key as this determines how you can support your team. The most simple and straightforward way to do this is by asking your staff which employee benefits they would prefer. Afterall, if you are going to provide employee benefits, they need to make your team feel seen, heard and supported. At MyBenefitsZone, we provide a range of employee benefits to choose from, allowing you to support all members of the team.

2. Make sure your team are aware of their benefits, perks and reward offering

Providing your staff with employee benefits is one thing, but making your staff aware of their benefit offering is another. Shockingly, 42% of employees don’t know about or understand their employee benefits. So it’s key to make your team aware of their employee benefits, along with how their offering can support them. Luckily with MyBenefitsZone, we provide our clients with a fully bespoke employee benefits platform and also provide useful and informative email communications throughout the year.

3. Consider how you can benefit your remote workers

With a number of employees now working hybrid or remote roles, celebrating your team members successes can be a much harder task. However, our reward offering allows a range of options to celebrate your staff. You can choose from a range of e-vouchers for birthdays, employment anniversaries and many more.

As you will see, there are a range of ways you can make employee benefits work for your team. If you are interested in providing employee benefits and you would like to find out any further information. Please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help.