The challenge of maintaining healthy habits in lockdown

It can be difficult for anyone to maintain good health habits and easy to fall into less helpful ones at the best of times of which we are all guilty

07 Jan 2021

Wellbeing has Changed for Companies

There was a time when British office employees would “ooh” and “ah” over online videos of trendy tech firm offices late on a Friday afternoon

04 Nov 2020

Working From Home in the Strangest of Places

With the guidance from the Government, once again to be working from home if you can, many people will have gone back to their makeshift offices.

13 Oct 2020

Mental Health Should be Supported by Humans Not Robots, Right?

82% of people believe that robots could support their mental health better than humans. A surprising statistic from a study of 12,000 employees..

12 Oct 2020

Annual Leave Build-Up Presents a Predicament For Businesses

Pre-COVID, most of your employees would look forward to taking some annual leave and enjoying a well-earned break.

08 Oct 2020

Remote Working Provokes a Love-Hate Relationship

For the last six months, the majority of professionals that weren’t furloughed have been remote working.

07 Oct 2020

Avoid a Toxic Remote Work Environment. Improve Employees Working Life

The working environment is now more important when working remotely as this could be the new way of working life for many employees and employers...

05 Oct 2020

Could a house plant improve productivity?

Summer is undoubtedly fading and the weather is turning colder. Autumn is knocking at our door, and with the Government’s

29 Sep 2020

How much is mental health costing your business?

The discussion around mental health has been ongoing amongst HR leaders now for some time.

28 Sep 2020

Back on the road: the daily commute.

Many things have changed since the majority of the UK began working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

21 Sep 2020

Returning to work and mental health

Many of us have begun to return to the office now and as this happens it’s apparent that mental health at work is going to be more fragile.

18 Sep 2020

Is the work-life balance still a thing?

Previous days in the office, pre-Coronavirus made a good work-life balance plausible. Balancing parenthood, leaving your work worries at the door,

08 Sep 2020