Just what is “Wellness”?

The Tokyo Olympics has recently finished and one of the biggest stories of the Games was the decision of American gymnast Simone Biles to pull out of

15 Sep 2021

The Mental Health of Business Owners

We’ve heard a lot about loneliness over the past 15 months. Mental health in general has, rightly, occupied a lot of column inches during the pande

19 Aug 2021

England Vs Your Workplace

“Good times never seemed so good” - Sweet Caroline echoed around Wembley stadium in support of the England football team. Heading into the Euro 2

09 Jul 2021

Total Reward Statement Examples

When researching for Total Reward Statement examples, it's important to recognise that not all Total Reward Statements (TRS) are the same. A TRS shou

30 Jun 2021

Flexible Benefits Schemes

Flexible Benefit Schemes have become increasingly popular with employees and employers alike over the last few years. Many businesses offer a traditi

08 Jun 2021

Working From Home – Top Tips

For many, it has been a year of working from home and who would have thought we'd be in the third national lockdown. A time that won't be forgotten.

15 Feb 2021

The Effect of Covid-19 on The Workplace

The pandemic couldn’t have been predicted and neither could the profound effect that it would have on businesses and the change on employees work.

28 Jan 2021

The challenge of maintaining healthy habits in lockdown

It can be difficult for anyone to maintain good health habits and easy to fall into less helpful ones at the best of times of which we are all guilty

07 Jan 2021

Wellbeing has Changed for Companies

There was a time when British office employees would “ooh” and “ah” over online videos of trendy tech firm offices late on a Friday afternoon

04 Nov 2020

Working From Home in the Strangest of Places

With the guidance from the Government, once again to be working from home if you can, many people will have gone back to their makeshift offices.

13 Oct 2020

Mental Health Should be Supported by Humans Not Robots, Right?

82% of people believe that robots could support their mental health better than humans. A surprising statistic from a study of 12,000 employees..

12 Oct 2020

Annual Leave Build-Up Presents a Predicament For Businesses

Pre-COVID, most of your employees would look forward to taking some annual leave and enjoying a well-earned break.

08 Oct 2020